Favourite British Scenic Drives: St Just To St Ives

Preferred British Scenic Drives: St Merely To St Ives

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The barbed Atlantic winds howled at me relentlessly, penetrating the bones and also sinking the songs of seabirds. Cape Cornwall stood defiantly when faced with the mighty Atlantic Sea, statued with time by driving currents, wind and also rain.

Cape Cornwall lies in the much west of region Cornwall, deep in the south-westerly grasps of England. Standing sentry against the strength of the Atlantic, Cape Cornwall safeguards the community of St Simply from the worst of the elements.

St Just is the last major town in England prior to the delivery graveyard of Land’s End and its unsafe stretch of sturdy shoreline. A wonderful little community, St Simply is merely minutes from the old monument site of Carn Gluze on the Penwith Heritage Shore.

Travelling north from St Simply along the B3306, you quickly came down a steep slope before travelling through the drowsy little town of Botallack. A little additional is the enchanting Pendeen, home to the old Geevor Tin Mines, providing a glance of days gone by as well as awkward functioning practises.

Pendeen Watch stands at the head of the shore, embedding you amongst the jagged Cornish shoreline at the grace of the elements as well as Atlantic Ocean. The South West Coastline Path provides opportunity to explore even more of the seacoast.

The seaside roadway continued northeast with Morvah town as well as the superb coastal observation blog post Gurnards Head, prior to the view broadened to incorporate a vast area of land slowly descend as it came close to the sea.

Vivid coloured plants and also shrubs blanketed the ground as they raced across the decline towards the towering cliff tops, stopping unexpectedly at the edge to note the high seas. A blend of fragrances rose from the large variety of florals persuading in the ocean breeze.

The narrow road remained to weave slowly through the pretty Cornish countryside. The monopoly of areas and shrubs retracted upon arrival of Zennor. Calm as well as relaxed, this tranquil town appeared the best antidote to the rigours of modern day city living.

A steep downhill gradient came before the final method to St Ives with its tight cobbled roads as well as active harbour. The land began to increase once again as the town neared. Tantalising glimpses of St Ives Bay and also an excess of sailing vessels instantly emerged between breaks in the houses.

The steep descent via confined streets came to be a battle of wills with pedestrians; everyone defended the very same space. A lucky place in the harbour parking lot left me looking into the Atlantic. The wind had now relented; all was calm again.

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